Encouraging + empowering leaders of homes, schools & teams 

with tools for collaborative problem-solving, 

 effective skill-building,

and mutually-respectful interactions.

I walked across the stage in 2006 with an education degree in hand, and I've worked in almost every kind of school since - public school, private school, an outdoor school even!

I've shared on big stages and in small rooms.

I've taught groups of 90 and groups of 9.

I'm now raising two kids of my own (which honestly feels harder than 90 most days...)

I've worked in classrooms and on leadership teams, with boards of directors and groups of parents - and the biggest lesson, the one that shows up in all of these settings over and over is this...

The quality of the relationship dictates the quality of the experience.

We all know it's true - relationships matter...

It's not new.

And it's not easy.

But the way we relate to each other, the way we care for each other matters - more than almost anything else.

Because we need each other!

When we increase our capacity to relate, and do it well, we increase the potential for our experiences at home, school, & work to be more meaningful (and more enjoyable!).

And we can all use better tools to do this hard work of relating.

It is a joy to sustain this work - 

We cannot do it alone. We aren't designed to. 

If you're looking for a partner and cheerleader - I would love to support your family, classroom, or team with empowering tools and supportive encouragement for the growth of your home, school, or organization!

Beth Keller Coaching  •  Marigold Educational Services LLC  •  Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008